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Subject: Re[2]: Loadable fonts - what's still needed
From: Alex Gitelman (
Date: 2002-09-11

GH> Current design comments:
GH> 1. The current source is basically a mess. There are zillions of
GH> #ifdefs for in core fonts, proportional fonts, and loadable fonts,
GH> and none are compatible. There are no structures, everything's
GH> a char *. Usage and definitions of the lcd_xxx API differs
GH> depending on what's defined, and, worse, non-lcd API's have
GH> crept into the applications code (ajf_xxx).

I am totally agree with the comment. I will try to help as I can to
deal with it. Unfortunately I am pretty loaded lately with my
regular job but I will try.
My major requirement is that my Cyrillic works
correctly right away (after we build the thing). I can not wait for few
weeks until all issues related to different coding are resolved.
Therefore the proposed solution must address them from the very


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