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Subject: Re: Loadable fonts - what's still needed
From: Greg Haerr (
Date: 2002-09-11

: Uff. *Great work Greg!* Though I would've enjoyed it if you'd told us you
: were working on this, it would've saved me from doing the same work in my
: end... :-)

Sorry - I only started on it two days ago, I had some time and
had previously figured how to do it.

Could you send me the small BDF font (6x8) that was used for
the current chartables.c? I only have a 5x8 and I want to keep the
same look that's used now. Any other fonts that you've been playing
with would come in handy, as well.

: The plan has been to move over to one single set of functions. We just needed
: the loadable stuff to work firt before we could do that work.
: LCD_PROPFONTS and LOADABLE_FONTS should get canned.
: HAVE_LCD_CHARCELL is for Player screens.

I'll grab the current CVS and submit a patch that compiles when
the LCD_PROPFONTS option is selected. The LOADABLE_FONTS
code won't be changed, but will be useable as a reference to
keep the Cyrillic stuff working, with changes merged back to LCD_PROPFONTS.

When fully accepted, LCD_PROPFONTS #defines will be removed and that
code will be the standard. LOADABLE_FONTS will be removed.

: However, we've already before discussed separating the single lcd.c into two
: separate files. like lcd-bitmap.c and lcd-charcell.c. I think it would help
: out to make this mess a little less painful.

I suppose I ought to take a cut at this then also.



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