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Subject: Re: Rockbox for the player
From: Psyco Dedman (
Date: 2002-09-12

I'm not sure what you mean with #1, but #2 and #4 at least have already
been addressed in CVS and daily builds, you might wanna try that out

Ed Wilson wrote:
> I've only been using RockBox for a week or so, and its great - thanks :)
> There are a few small things which i preferred with the original firmware, but nothing that would make me want to swap back..
> (I have a Jukebox Studio 20)
> 1) When showing the playlist number 4/1567 etc.. the 4 is the current count of how many tracks have been played, but on the old firmware it referred to the position of the song within the playlist which was much easier to remember so that the song could be removed from the playlist at a later date.
> 2) On the old firmware the skip forward increment increased the longer the forward button was held down, but with the new firmware the interval stays at the setting in general settings. I'd rather see this so the fast forward might increment 2s for the first 20 seconds, then 5 seconds up to the first minute then your setting for the next 5 minutes, then double your setting for the next 5 etc...
> 3) Also with the fast forwarding, as the song is no longer monitored during the process it takes too long to resume playing when you stop. I don't know if there is a need to actually hear the song at high speed (maybe a new setting ?) but a faster resume would be good.
> 4) As the display on the studio 20 is crap and can't use downloadable fonts it means that there is no distinction in the browser between playlists and folders. Maybe just a single character (*) before the name might indicate a playlist ?
> Ed
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Pedro []
> Sent: 11 September 2002 12:09
> To:
> Subject: Rockbox for the player
> Weird question, I am wondering... ;-)
> Right now, who would want to use the Archos firmware instead of Rockbox
> firmware in a player? What would be the advantages? :-) I don't see any
> Rockbox can't record (yet) so I can understand to use Archos firmware in a
> recorder, but in a player?

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