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Subject: Re: [PATCH] compiled-in and loadable fonts

Re: [PATCH] compiled-in and loadable fonts

From: Greg Haerr <>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:12:04 -0600

: I removed the dependency of this before I committed. This is now built-in
: default. The propfonts/loadable fonts defines are now history.

OK. Which bdf are you using for the standard compiled-in and/or
loadable font? I couldn't find your standard 6x8 font bdf source.

: We really need a more comfortable way of doing this, a shell script and a
: perl script makes things very hard for windows users.

I'll look at a new way of generating the .c file from bdf. If you include
the compiled-in .c files, and a binary .fnt, it'll allow windows
build users to at least run with full functionality.

: > Also, the Cyrillic font isn't tested yet, I'll try to do that tonight and
: > talk with Alex about it (it needs codepage support added to my code)
: Yes, that needs to be sorted out. That fat.c code used before was horribly
: ugly.

Alex - could you send me a tarball with some Cyrillic filenames
in it? I won't be able to read it, but that combined with an
explicit (page 4 only) codepage table for your alt*.bdf fonts
will allow completion here. I'm thinking of doing all the conversion
inside the lcd_putsXX routines, rather than the filesystem code.

: Right, the helv08.bdf font I've had testing with creates a HUGE .fnt file
: that doesn't load properly. And thus I haven't been able to test your code
: for proportional fonts, just because I know of no other prop .bdf.

Likely the font won't load because the MAX_FONT_SIZE
define in firmware/font.h is too small. I'll add the 0x7e max char
option to bdf2c and that will generate much smaller fonts.
The earlier X11R5 distributions had smaller .bdf files for the helv*.bdf
fonts. The latest ones seem to include full unicode, and the fonts
are super-large. You should goto and find their font distributions,
(xorg-2.tar.gz) and pull it down... It's got loads of bdf font sources.

For the time being, just remove the all STARTCHAR-ENDCHAR
data for ENCODING > 126 and you should have the file you

: You'll notice that I re-indented your code to Rockbox standard and a few
: other minor things.

Thanks. I've read the contribution standard, but, try as I might,
I can't get vim to indent to 4 spaces when I hit the tab key....
Do you have an indent script I can use?

: Now, the work with getting this to work properly all over can begin!

Let me know when I should pull down the CVS source, I'll
take a look at it and check it works.


Received on 2002-09-12

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