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Subject: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: Delay between tracks (was: Just a short question)
From: Danijel Ilisin (
Date: 2002-09-15

I use "mp3 trackmaker" since it can import .cue files and automatically
name the files according to artist / title informations in the cue-file.

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: [] Im
Auftrag von Uwe Freese
Gesendet: Sonntag, 15. September 2002 20:03
An: Danijel Ilisin
Betreff: Re: AW: AW: AW: AW: Delay between tracks (was: Just a short

Hello Danijel,

Danijel Ilisin wrote on Sunday, September 15, 2002, 7:29:36 PM:

DI> Okay, i just tried it.
DI> I split up a 100meg mp3 file in multiple parts and generated a .m3u
DI> it.
DI> Then I let it play - sometimes there is no noticeable delay between
DI> tracks but most of the time you hear a short break between them.

Is it right that you split the binary file only disregarding the
mp3frames? I suggest using a tool for cutting a MP3 file that cuts on
mp3 frames. This maybe makes no difference for rockbox, but it
possibly could for software players (I like mp3 files that start with
a mp3 frame).

A real nice tool for cutting MP3s is MP3DirectCut (Windows):

- - - - - - - -
Version 1.23, July 2002

mp3DirectCut is a frame editor for
MPEG audio. It makes cutting of even
large tracks quick and easy with its
fast graphic edit view. You can make
selections to cut, modify the
volume or set cues.
There will be no quality loss
because nothing of your file must
be re-encoded. You can prelisten
the whole file and even record
MP3s directly to disk.

Copyright (c) 2002 Martin Pesch
- - - - - - - -

Bye, Uwe.

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