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Subject: Re[2]: [PATCH] loadable fonts finally fixed

Re[2]: [PATCH] loadable fonts finally fixed

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 22:48:55 -0400

it is only for the recorder.


J> Are fonts loadable on the Archos Studio also? Or recorder only?

J> -----Original Message-----
J> From: [] On
J> Behalf Of Greg Haerr
J> Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2002 10:31 PM
J> To:
J> Subject: [PATCH] loadable fonts finally fixed

J> Daniel,
J> The following patch makes loadable fonts actually work (finally!).
J> It took me quite a while, but I finally figured out why the sim
J> worked and the target didn't: the SH1 processor won't read
J> longwords from a shortword alignment... I had to rev the .fnt
J> file to version 1.1 (requires remaking *.fnt files) in order
J> to fix this. Please apply the following patch completely.
J> It's diffed against the latest CVS.

J> I've also attached rockbox-fonts-1.1.tar.gz which includes
J> known working *.fnt files, including a courB08 system.fnt,
J> for demonstration.

J> Now the real work can begin... Although the new
J> system.fnt will work fine, if you try going to a really
J> big font (try copying courB14.fnt to system.fnt), then
J> you will find that it comes up and works in tree mode,
J> but will crash the system when going into WPS
J> mode... I'm sure this is because of the low-level
J> lcd_bitmap not clipping properly when given a too-large
J> bitmap, which the characters become. I haven't yet
J> tried to debug the low-level driver. Of course, it all
J> works on the sim...

J> So the apps developers will now have to make sure that
J> all apps screen sizes may vary according to the loaded font.
J> The font height can be gotten through the lcd_getfontsize API.

J> Files patched in fonts-6.patch

J> 1. apps/menu.c - LCD_PROPFONTS error (2nd resubmission on this, please
J> checkin)

J> 2. firmware/font.c - fixes and reformatting. Please check this in as
J> is,
J> my vi editor requires more reformatting changes since I left tabs in the
J> file, these are removed now (2nd resubmission on this, please checkin)

J> 3. firmware/fonts.h - doc change on .fnt file format, .fnt version
J> number incremented.

J> 4. firmware/loadfont.c - fixes to load font properly, typedefs
J> removed.

J> 5. firmware/system.c - lcd_setfont(FONT_SYSFIXED) before
J> issuing error, otherwise font may not exist.

J> 6. tools/bdf2c - fixes for correct output when filename starts
J> with a number, as well as when no DEFAULT_CHAR in .bdf
J> file. (2nd resubmission on this, please checkin)

J> 7. tools/writerbf.c - fixes for bugfixed fontfile format.

J> Have fun!

J> Regards,

J> Greg
Received on 2002-09-16

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