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Subject: RE: Delay between tracks (was: Just a short question)
From: Nielsen Linus (ext) (
Date: 2002-09-16

> Well this is the only feature that hinders me from switching
> permanently to rockbox :-O

But you happily use programs that corrupt the MP3 files by filling it with

> This seems to be the part that causes the delay:
> else {
> /* skip past id3v2 tag (to an even byte) */
> lseek(mpeg_file,
> id3tags[tag_read_idx]->id3.id3v2len & ~1,
> }

No, that is the part that is trying to *remove* the delay. The delay is
caused by the junk in your MP3 file.

> So i just have to finetune the getid3v2len() function, right?
> Can't be that difficult :) Scanning for the 1st mp3 frame right
> after the V2 tag and adjusting "offset" according to scan result.

No, it isn't hard. It just wouldn't have to be necessary if the Winamp
authors had their brains where they belonged.


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