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Subject: flamefest (was Re: I'm out)
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2002-09-16

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Florian Mösch wrote:

> There was a deadlock situation in the languages discussion: Daniel asked
> proposals to his design and the only answer I saw from him (not only to my
> ideas but also to the others) was "my design is better".

If you decide to not read my responses, I don't see how I can be blamed.

Weirdly enough, many other people got my point and understood why my solution
offered a working approach where your version didn't.

If that is rudeness, then yes, I was rude. Sorry for that.

Sorry, but when I write the code. I get to pick the way to go.

> It is your project, your design and your decision - but (Daniel) if you
> don't like to be criticized don't ask for it.

You have not (yet) offered a working replacement. So what mistake am I doing
when I go with the so far only presented *working* solution?

You criticize me for this?

> And this is not the proper style to stop a discussion: "Unfortunately,
> being a grown-up is mandatory when discussing this with me." (Daniel
> Stenberg) Let us calm down a little bit.

Your "*big boss*" talk was rude and insulting, you cannot deny that. It was
at a level I connect with kindergarten. I'm sorry and appologize that I
decented to the same level there for a moment.

Again, I speak of strict technical merits. If it is "my" or "your" design
doesn't matter that much to me. I prefer the best *working* one.

Daniel "Bagder" Stenberg --

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