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Subject: Re: flamefest (was Re: I'm out)

Re: flamefest (was Re: I'm out)

From: Florian Mösch <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 12:00:10 +0200

Hi Daniel !

I was rude. Sorry for that.

You really do a good job. Thanks you for the the formation of and your
engagement in this open source project.

I like your approach on multiple languages support, but I still wanted
to offer a few minor modifications to make it campatible with existing
tools. I didn't want to condemn your approach.

I wrote yesterday:

- Use a blank line to separate the items. You won't need the lines in
   the given order then as you can detect the blank line instead of the
   "new:" line.

There were others who already mentioned that the fixed order of keywords
in the language file should be thought over. I think a blank line as a
separator for the items is a good approach to that.

Additionally I suggested:

- Write "#id:" instead of "id:",
          "#" instead of "desc:",
          "msgid:" instead of "eng:" and
          "msgstr:" instead of "new:".
   That would make the format gettext compatible. Not that we use it
   (yet) but we coul'd still keep that as an option.

Those modifications would really be simple. I don't know if you received
my mail yesterday. I didn't see any response to this proposal. Sorry if
I missed it. There is quite a lot of traffic on the list these days and
I haven't got the time to read all mailings.

Again: I never wanted to condemn your approach, which is good. I just
wanted to excite minimal changes to it.

I didn't yet send any implementation because you wrote that you already
had a working prototype. I saw that you released your prototype in the
CVS tools folder. It seems to be the solution with fixed order keywords.
Think of using a blank line as an item separator. It would be so easy to
implement and would not only satisfy me but at least Kjell who wrote
> Nah, I'm against that. Writing a perl script is easy anyway. If you
> say the order is important than you (almost) say that we will never
> extend the format (easiest way to write a script is in your case to
> always read four lines and skip the tag text).

Again: I'm sorry for the rude tone in this list an the last few days.
I never thought that "everyone is too busy implementing rubbish like
the demo's and stupid games, [...]". This was another guy...
You do very good work. Thank you.

Received on 2002-09-17

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