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Subject: Re[2]: [Patch] : Recorder Browser improvment VERSION 2
From: Eric Linenberg (
Date: 2002-09-17

One thing I noticed with your patch is that scrolling down a large
list of songs has become pretty slow. Otherwise I really like it very


OB> I forgot to refresh the line.
OB> This patch correct and replace the previous patch

OB> Olivier

OB> ----- Original Message -----
OB> From: "Olivier BUTLER" <>
OB> To: <>
OB> Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 9:37 AM
OB> Subject: [Patch] : Recorder Browser improvment

>> Hi,
>> I propose this patch: it apply only on recorder.
>> The cursor is replaced (elimined ) by reverting the color of the pointed
>> line.
>> With this, there is more space to display the lines.
>> The icon is not reverted because the result is not very nice.
>> I found a bug in lcd_puts_scroll: when the text is enough long to scroll
OB> but
>> not so long, the first pass is not displayed correctly ( text followed by
>> NULL instead of wrapping, after the 1st pass is OK).
>> I coulnd't resolve it.
>> This patch adds to functions in lcd.c :
>> same as native one, but display the text in revert style.
>> lcd_puts_rev ( x,y,str, eol )
>> lcd_puts_scrool_rev( x,y,str, eol )
>> if eol = true the text is revert until the end of the line
>> if not it is revert until the end of the text.
>> Tested only on recorder
>> Olivier

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