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Subject: Re: [patch] volume peak meter in wps

Re: [patch] volume peak meter in wps

From: Jack Peel <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 12:05:19 -0700

Cool man... works fine for me. One of the few features that was missing
that I reaaallly wanted. Good JOB :)

Now here is a question. What is the scale ? It almost looks like
a linear scale vs. a log (dB) scale. Do the meters go all the way to
the right edge of the screen ?

Now for the feature requests :):)

Could you add a scale as an option in the WPS screen, like
if you put %pms on the line above it put marks with their dB values,
like -10 -6 -3 -1 and so on ?

Also could you put "clip" "lights" on it so that if the MP3 goes
to full scale it shows a different symbol and it hangs out longer
so that we know if the MP3 itself is clipping ? (I actually have
a couple that someone screwed with and they actually clip)
I think this would also be useful when the project gets to the
recording part as we will definitely want to know if we have

In conclusion Good Job!


Philipp Pertermann wrote:

> Put the tag %pm into your *.wps file and voila: you've got a
> volume peak meter in your wps. In the menu General
> settings -> Display -> Peak meter you can find an option
> where you can adjust the release time. That specifies how
> long a peak value is kept before it is reset.
> About the patch:
> For a long time I fiddled with threads for updating the peak
> meter. Although that would have lead to less system load I
> dropped that idea because it messed up the existing drawing
> concepts.
> In order to achieve acceptable 'frame rates' I had to do a
> dirty trick in wps_show: instead of button_get_w_tmo with a
> long time I call it now repeatedly in a loop with a short
> time. That enabled me to do the refresh of the peak meter. I
> don't like it. This thing does more than it has to and it's
> called _really_ often. But maybe it's less awful than a new
> thread running amok by updating the volume bar without
> knowing what screen is being displayed.
> And another thing:
> I didn't dare to use precious rtc space to make the peak
> meter release setting persistent. But if I get an ok from
> somebody who is willing to commit it, that can be changed.
> Do we want a little extra peak meter in the status bar? I've
> done something that displays a 2 pixel wide (l/r) and 8
> pixel high peak meter in the status bar. It looks nice but
> it's still threaded and thus uncommitable. If nobody needs
> it I won't bother with that idea any more.
> Phil
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Received on 2002-09-17

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