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Subject: Re[2]: DRAM 2MB -> DRAM 8MB
From: Uwe Freese (
Date: 2002-09-18

Hello Matthias,

I've some more questions about the 8MB hardware mod.

I made some soldering tests on an old 486er Motherboard and
de-soldered two Chipset ICs.
They had 1,27 mm and 0,65 mm pitch between the pins. I cut the pins
with a cutter (knife), that worked really good. Then I removed the IC
and de-soldered one pin after another with a little "ERSA Minitip".
The result looks promising. :)

I read the PDF
and it shows a pitch of 0,8mm between the pins, so I think I could
solder this.

Now my questions:

- I have a recorder-20, 2 months old. Is the mod working with this

- which pins exactly have to be connected how? (maybe your photos
  coming the next days will show this..)

  "bent two pins upwards (A10, A11)" - where are they connected to?
  Directly to the SH1 address pins with wires?
  "4 wires for address pins" - which pins?

  where are the 7 pins VCC, /WE, /RAS, VSS, /LCAS, /UCAS and
  /OE connected to?

Bye, Uwe.

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