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Subject: Re: system.fnt location
From: Vincent Kargatis (
Date: 2002-09-18

From: "Björn Stenberg" <>
> Paul van der Heu wrote:
> > Should all files regarding rockbox not be located in the /.rockbox
> > directory?
> Yes, they should.

This brings to mind my general cluelessness about the way fonts will work,
since I'm not really following the technical discussion well (as a
non-c-or-font guy).

- are cluelessbies supposed to currently understand at all how this font
stuff is to work? I.e. should I expect to be less confused at this point
than I am? :)

- I got the /system.fnt thing from one of Greg's emails, and I put in
Fischer's font there, which mostly works. This is behavior that will be
changed to /.rockbox/system.fnt, based on the above statement?

- When this is all working hunky-dory, how will users choose fonts? Will a
knowledge of finding and installing whatever fonts be required, or will
there be some central stash that can be easily browsed? Are there (Windows)
utils that can just click on a .fnt file (or .bdf) and show what it will
look like? I know these are ignorant questions, but then, I'm ignorant,

- How will the final default font be chosen? Will it be the one from
before, or something chosen as good-looking by the majority of the rockbox
team, or...?

Vincent Kargatis
np: Rod Levitt - "Morning in Montevideo"  (The RCA Jazz Victor Workshop..)

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