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Subject: RE: Initial track in playlist bug (was Re: [ rockbox-Bugs-610615 ] Random regularly repeats, request repair)
From: Ed Wilson (
Date: 2002-09-20

just loaded this mornings latest version and I'm still getting the same problem, although it doesn't seem to occur quite as regularly.

In previous versions (afriad I don't have time at the moment to test which ones) the resume point seemed to be exactly where you stopped listening and powered down the player (Jukebox Studio 20). Now this doesn't seem to be the case


playing a track - 2:58/3:32 through and power down.
power on and it resumes at 1:48/3:32.
Play for a few secs then power down.
power on it again resumes at 1:48/3:32

Has someone changed it so that resume point is stored less often ?

It sometimes seems to save the resume point part way through the previous song, particularly when only a few seconds into the next song.

This isn't too much of a problem, but some other times it just seems to lose the resume point all together and starts the playlist from the first file again :( That isn't so nice, espeically as the order of tracks is exactly the same as you had before, so you have to start the playlist all over again.

If you want to try and recreate then keep playing and powering down and then resuming after a few seconds of play..try jumping a few tracks forward even. It always starts behind where you were..(almost always anyway)


Jukebox Studio 20
archos20020920.mod 2002-09-20 08:31:18
Shuffle On
Resume On
playlist of 2109 files

-----Original Message-----
From: Hardeep Sidhu []
Sent: 19 September 2002 18:04
Cc: Ed Wilson
Subject: Re: Initial track in playlist bug (was Re: [
rockbox-Bugs-610615 ] Random regularly repeats, request repair)

> > > this is a resume burp.

> > This bug should've been fixed in the 9/18 daily build. Are you still
> seeing it?

> Not to my knowledge (I was just responding before to confirm the other
> poster). Just to clarify, there were two separate bugs - the wrong initial
> playlist track number, and a faulty back-to-start playlist resume?

Both problems were related to the same bug... the wrong playlist index was being
stored for the initial track when starting a playlist or after resume.

Ed: Is this the problem you're still seeing or is it something else?


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