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Subject: corrected german lang-file

corrected german lang-file

From: Uwe Freese <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 17:15:23 +0200

Hello Daniel,

Daniel Wanitsch wrote on Friday, September 20, 2002, 3:49:51 PM:

DW> Here's a german translation.
DW> Most words are longer than in English.
DW> Please tell me if they don't fit the screen.

I was working also on a german lang file, so now I took yours and
corrected some words. I hope you agree with my changes.

We should discuss the changes here or with private mail before a final
german.lang is going into cvs!

General note: We have ISO-8859! So I want "Umlauts" äöü!

So here are all the changes I made (attached is the complete version):

! [old german.lang file]
! [my new german.lang file (attachment)]

! new: "Ton Einstellungen"
! new: "Klang Einstellungen"
! new: "Debug (Haende weg!)"
! new: "Debug (Hände weg!)"
! new: "Rockbox info:"
! new: "Rockbox Info:"

Info is a noun and should start with an upper character.

! new: "ON z. speichern"
! new: "ON = speichern"
! new: "OFF z. verwerfen"
! new: "OFF = verwerfen"
! new: "Wahl zuerst wiederg."
! new: "Gewählte zuerst wiederg."
! new: "Musik Filter"
! new: "Musik-Filter"

We connect two nouns like this with a "-" usually in german.

! new: "Case Sensitive sortieren"
! new: "Sortieren Groß-/Kleinschreibung"

Tried a real german translation.

! new: "An"
! new: "Ein"

"Ein" and "Aus" is better than "An" and "Aus".

! new: "Scroll Speed Einstell. Beispiel"
! new: "Scrollgeschwindigkeit Beispiel"

Real german translation.

! new: "Disk bremsen"
! new: "HDD Ausschaltzeit"

No thing to decrease the HDD speed is activated here.
HDD is only shut off. ;)
"bremsen = slow down/decelerate"

! new: "FF/RW Min Schritt"
! new: "FF/RW min. Schritt"

"Min" would mean "Minuten" (minutes), and "min." means "minimally".

! new: "Geloescht"
! new: "Gelöscht"
! new: "Art. d. Sort."
! new: "Art der Sort."
! new: "Scroll Geschw."
! new: "Scrollgeschw."
! new: "Lautstaerke"
! new: "Lautstärke"
! new: "Hoehen"
! new: "Höhen"

! new: "Lautstaerke"
! new: "Loudness"

NO! It is Loudness and not "Lautstärke" (=volume)!

! new: "AL Zerfallszeit"
! new: "AL Trägheit"

"Zerfallszeit" sounded radioactive.

! new: "Kanaele"
! new: "Kanäle"
! new: "Kanal Konfiguration"
! new: "Kanal-Konfiguration"
! new: "Autom. Lautstaerke"
! new: "Autom. Lautstärke"
! new: "[Kuenstler]"
! new: "[Künstler]"
! new: "<kein Kuenstler>"
! new: "<kein Künstler>"
! new: "[Laenge]"
! new: "[Länge]"
! new: "Takt rauf"
! new: "schneller"

"Takt" and "rauf" are no good exact words here. "schneller" and
"langsamer" is better, I think.

! new: "Takt runter"
! new: "langsamer"
! new: "Ord. Filter: %s"
! new: "Ordner Filter: %s"

! new: "<Druecke ON>"
! new: "<Drücke ON>"
! new: "Druecke ON"
! new: "Drücke ON"
! new: "[Play] z. fortfahren"
! new: "[Play] = fortfahren"
! new: "[Off] z. stoppen"
! new: "[Off] = beenden"
! new: "[Play] fuer Start/Pause"
! new: "[Play] für Start/Pause"
! new: "[Off] z. stoppen"
! new: "[Off] = stoppen"
! new: "Lan:%d"
! new: "Län:%d"
! new: "%d Wuermer l/r"
! new: "%d Würmer l/r"

Bye, Uwe.
Received on 2002-09-20

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