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Subject: Re[2]: corrected german lang-file

Re[2]: corrected german lang-file

From: Uwe Freese <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 22:19:16 +0200

Hello Remo,

Remo Hofer wrote on Friday, September 20, 2002, 6:01:56 PM:

RH> Here is my proposal for correction for discussion.
RH> Note I haven't applied them to a file yet, because I don't have
RH> a sollution for every comment that I made.

I've made a version that fixes the obviously faults.

Daniel, please commit to cvs. Thanks. (I changed it to "MB" in the
eng: string also, is this ok?)

Remo, please look over it again and/or read the rest of this mail.

>> desc: the buffer size player-screen width, %d MB %d fraction of MB
>> eng: "Buf: %d.%02dMb"
>> new: "Puf: %d.%02dMb"

RH> Shouldn't the unit be "MB" (also in english)?
RH> I thougt "b" stand for bit.

Yes, you're right!

>> desc: displayed on screen while shuffling a playlist
>> eng: "Shuffling..."
>> new: "Zufallswiedergabe.."

RH> new: "Zufallswiedergabe.."
RH> make 3 dots for ellipsis

Also you're right here.

>> desc: displayed on screen when start playing a playlist
>> eng: "Playing..."
>> new: "Wiedergabe.."

RH> new: "Wiedergabe..."
RH> dito


>> desc: in settings_menu
>> eng: "Scroll Speed Setting Example"
>> new: "Scrollgeschwindigkeit Beispiel"

RH> Do we have a better word for "Scroll" in german?
RH> I couldn't find it in the Duden. But who cares?
RH> I would actually be "Rollbalken" which is a little bit long.

General problem with some words is that we don't have a usually used word in
german for it. One can translate them all, but the user doesn't know
what it means then.

I prefer "Scroll" even if it's english!

>> desc: in settings_menu
>> eng: "Disk Spindown"
>> new: "HDD Ausschaltzeit"

RH> What's the meaning of HDD? shouldn't it be HD (= (H)ard(d)isk)?

Hard Disk Drive.

RH> Or is it (H)ar(d)(d)isk, which I would find strange?
RH> I'd prefer "Disk-Ausschaltzeit" anyway, or maybe "Plattenauschaltzeit".

I find HDD better than disk, because a floppy is also a disk.
"Plattenausschaltzeit", hmm, I don't know if I find it better. Not
really. So let's discuss here. :)

>> desc: in display_settings_menu()
>> eng: "Scroll Speed"
>> new: "Scrollgeschw."

RH> again "Scroll"

>> desc: in system_settings_menu()
>> eng: "Reset settings"
>> new: "Einstell. zuruecksetzen"

RH> new: "Einstell. zurücksetzen"
RH> You mist a Umlaut.

Yes, right, it's actually "zurücksetzen".

>> desc: in showdir(), displayed on screen when you reach buffer limit
>> eng: "Dir Buffer"
>> new: "Ordner Puffer"

RH> new: "Verzeichnis Puffer"
RH> I'd prefer "Verzeichnis" even though I do use a Mac.

Maybe I would also prefer "Verzeichnis", but both words are ok. And
"Ordner" is shorter, so we should leave it, shouldn't we?

To non-german-speakers: The older ones call directories "Verzeichnis".
But Bill Gates says it's "Ordner". So the newer Win-terminology is
"Ordner" and many people use it. ;)

Bye, Uwe.
Received on 2002-09-20

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