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Subject: convbdf bug - one pixel too high
From: Uwe Freese (
Date: 2002-09-22


It seems that convbdf doesn't use the "displacement" values

In the standard font, all (normal) characters start at the second line (from
the bottom), the y displacement is -1 ("FONTBOUNDINGBOX 6 8 0 -1, "BBX
6 8 0 -1"). On the AJB, the font is ok and the bottom line (of all
normal characters like ABC...) is empty as it should be.

My font (uwe_prop.bdf on the www-fonts-dir) has characters that start
from the first line, the y displacement is 0 ("FONTBOUNDINGBOX ? 8 0 0, "BBX
? 8 0 0"). But the characters are converted one pixel too high. That
is visible in the .c file and on the AJB itself.

And really funny is that the "[" (the upper line of this character
should be empty, so it's no "overflow") is actually

   | **|
   | * |
   | * |
   | * |
   | * |
   | * |
   | **|
   | * |

Where does this single pixel at the bottom line come from?

I tested also timR08.bdf (fonts dir on www) and that font is also
converted one pixel too high into the .c file.

Bye, Uwe.

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