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Subject: Re: corrected german lang-file
From: Florian Mösch (
Date: 2002-09-23

>> Do we have a better word for "Scroll" in german?
>> I couldn't find it in the Duden. But who cares?
>> I would actually be "Rollbalken" which is a little bit long.
> I prefer "Scroll" even if it's english!
Me too ! I don't think we should translate each word brute force if the
english word is "established" in german texts. I haven't read or heard
"Bildlaufleiste", "Rollbalken" or something similar very often. Those
words exist but usually you talk about "Scrollbars" instead of
"Rollbalken". The same applies to "Plattenausschaltzeit":
> I find HDD better than disk, because a floppy is also a disk.
> "Plattenausschaltzeit", hmm, I don't know if I find it better. Not
> really. So let's discuss here. :)
When I first read that word I thought of vinyl... Has anybody connected
an old "Plattenteller" to his RockBOX ? :-)
Yes, the word "Festplatte" is not unusual. But it's longer than the word
"Disk" which isn't unusual in technical texts too. "Disk" or "HDD"
should be used here.

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