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Subject: RE: non-music questions and feature request
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2002-09-26

> > Is it possible to partition the Rockbox's hard drive?

I have had mine partitioned for months now and no problems. I have a
primary partition with all my mp3s on it. And an extended partition with a
logical drive for other data. All versions of windoze recognise both
drives, but I don't know about *nix OS's. Both RockBox and the stock
firmware recognise the first partition only, so as was said before - make
sure mp3s are on that drive.

Having said that, I have been having problems connecting my AJBR20 to my
laptop running windoze 2k. Often when I plug in I don't get the icon in the
system tray and the drive doesn't appear in explorer. Then when I unplug,
the icon appears. Then there is a whole process of plugging and unplugging
to get the icon to disappear at the right time - before repeating the whole
damn process over and over again. Does anyone else see this behaviour? It
happens with both RockBox and stock firmware.

I sense a clean install of windoze is coming though - because it is really
bloated/unstable now after nearly 2 years.


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