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Subject: Re: Logging into CVS?
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2002-09-30

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, George Styles (RipnetUK) wrote:

> I use the CVS anonymously as I do not have a login of own. Is it possible
> to supress the login prompt for the CVS? i know you can do it if you have
> an account using SSH (and I also know that is documented on the site)


You should do the cvs login command separately:

$ cvs -d [blablabla] login

(press return when a password is prompted)

Then you checkout the sources:

$ cvs -d [blablabla] co [whatever]

If you DON'T logout (which is done by using 'cvs logout'), the login info is
stored in your $HOME/.cvspass file and is used automaticly when you do 'cvs
update' or 'cvs checkout' in the future on a [blablabla] for which you have
the password stored.

The SSH-way is only how developers with CVS write access avoid password

Daniel "Bagder" Stenberg --

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