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Subject: RE: user editable keys binding schemes wanted
From: Nielsen Linus (ext) (
Date: 2002-10-01

> >Name one single consumer electronic device that has completely
> >reconfigurable keys. Or just name one single mp3 software, any
> >platform, that has fully configurable keys.
> He.. they do not play worms either ;)


> besides, I for one would welcome the ability to decide myself what to
> do with the function keys on my recorder to be honest.
> Not that I need it, but I would like to be able to..

I agree with you all guys who want to configure the UI. I must also agree
with Björn and point out the difficulty of such a project. It is not only a
matter of assigning a function to a key, it is far more than that
(key-down/key-up, key combinations, persistent quick-screens...).
We really need to discuss the implementation a lot before we get our hands


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