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Subject: RE: user editable..., new sub-topic

RE: user editable..., new sub-topic

From: M. OReilly <>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 11:32:13 -0400

I agree that being able to change bindings would be a good idea, for many of
the reasons presented so far. And as far as Andrew's idea here, I think a
.bind file or something would be ok, similar to the .lang files and such.


It seems that the more Rockbox is developed, the more our (wonderful,
magnificient, benevolent, amazing) coders and developers are saddled with.
Every time new features like this are suggested, they end up bearing the
brunt of changing each little parameter.

So here's my suggestion. I've been sitting on this one for a while because I
don't code and can't do it myself. I would suggest that a new application
be developed that would take care of all the user-configurable settings in
Rockbox at once, write a standard .ini file or something, and allow it to be
loaded by the firmware at runtime. This would allow users to handle the
changes they wanted without having to contact the developers and ask for
incremental changes to the covered portions of the interface - they could do
it themselves without needing to recompile, etc.

This would be a great project for someone who codes, but doesn't do embedded
coding - I think this little program could be banged out in short order. (I
really wish I could do it myself.) A simple shell script would be enough,
though I think a gui would be much better.

So a user could select all the settings they wanted for a particular
config - e.g., franšais w/ single-button volume control and recording w/
auto-shutoff after 90 minutes w/ no resume in user1.conf vs. ?????? w/
shuffle w/ embedded playlists w/ hyper bass and no treble in user1.conf.

So what do you think?


-----Original Message-----
From: []On
Behalf Of Andrew Jamieson
Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 6:36 AM
Subject: Re: user editable keys binding schemes wanted

First of all, let me thow my hat into the 'this is a good idea' ring.

Now the caveat:

For me, it would not be a complete and permanent re-mapping of the buttons
that I would want, but something temporary I could load in for specific
reasons. Example: I do take my Player jogging, and would love to have a
single button press for volume up and down during this time. For other
times, the 'standard' mappings are great. So I., for one, would not desire
any complex duration/state dependant re-mapping commands; just a (number) of
simple remappings I could load for specific occasions. Of course, others
may require more complex functionality, but I would imagine this feature
would be for 'instant gratification' in application to various operations;
recording; volume; in-car use; applications where more complex menu hunting
may be problematic.

Just my thought on the matter.

Received on 2002-10-01

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