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Subject: RE: user editable keys binding schemes wanted
From: Nielsen Linus (ext) (
Date: 2002-10-02

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> From: M. OReilly []
> Sent: den 2 oktober 2002 07:42
> To:
> Subject: RE: user editable keys binding schemes wanted
> If I am assuming correctly that the config file will be ASCII
> (i.e., not binary), is there any objection to making it user-editable?

The whole purpose with using ASCII is to make it user-editable.

> Sometimes it may be advantageous not to have to open the gui
> to make changes to the config file. The system won't care,
> but is there any reason we shouldn't do a traditional
> Windows-style .ini format?

Yes. That format it harder to parse, and unnecessary complex. The .INI file
format is intended to be machine-editable.

> This makes a whole lot more sense to me than a cryptic comma-delimited
> format...(No offense intended, Paul!)

How would the .INI format solve the problem? You suggested a format like:

[key bindings]

What should "something" be? It would probably be:


What's the difference?

And I still think the file format is the least problem of them all. We can
change that a dozen times if we wish. The code is the hard part.


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