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Subject: RE: Remote control with display
From: Andreas Stemmer (
Date: 2002-10-04

> The other option would be to have the 'new' remote send a
> "hi, im an LCD enabled remote" message when it is first
> plugged in. This would enable the Archos to differentiate
> between the standard and LCD remotes, and behave accordingly.

I thought about this solution as well, but I think there are some
1. The jukebox has to remember the type of remote which makes is a
little bit more complicated (not very much) for the rockbox guys.
2. How should the remote know when it is first plugged in? We would need
something like a connect-button on the remote or a remote that
recognizes if it doesn't get any screen updates.
3. How does the jukebox know, if the user changes from LCD-remote to

> The Archos could then send data with each screen update,
> which could be merged into the code quite easily I would
> imagine. The Archos would keep the line in recieve usually,
> until it is required to send data - at which point it quickly
> switches to transmit, send the data, and swiches back. The
> buffer resistor would need to be in the remote, maybe with a
> recieve only pin on the 'outside' side of the resistor to
> sense any contention (when both the remote and Archos send at
> once). The remote would then have to wait for the contention
> to end, re-send its data, and also a 'please resend' command
> to the Archos for its data.

I agree, but there's one more point:
4. I don't want to have an exact copy of the archos display on my remote
(sometimes perhaps). A small remote (or my planned car stereo solution)
could have a small display with one line only and then I'd like to have
the possibility to decide what I want to have displayed there.

I'm a little bit busy at the moment, but I think we should just try
which solution works best. If we have the hardware working, it won't be
a big problem to adjust the software (rockbox and remote) working the
one or the other way and measure power consumption etc.

Andreas Stemmer

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