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Subject: RE: No "ON" with Rockbox? Was: No File Browser from WPS ?
From: Jens Roeben (
Date: 2002-10-07

>> I am follwoing up myown post here.
>> I just noticed that the "ON" button doesn´t work at all for me with
>> Rockbox (Version 1.3, daily and daily builds). I verified
>> this by trying
>> to set date/time. Doesn´t work. Pressing "ON" doesn´t give me any
>>reaction at all.
>> Any ideas?

>Yes. Your ON key is probably broken. Try the original firmware and see if ON
>works there. I think it is used for key locking. Hold it for a few seconds
i>n the playing info screen.


Damn! Looks like you´re right... how can this be? I mean, using "ON" to ower on the AJR works like a charm. How come the key seems to be broken while using the box? This doesn´t make any sense (at least to me that is ;) ). Does anyone know how to fix this?
And if not, would it be possible to include the option to remap certain functions? I REALLY need the file browser...


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