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Subject: Re: [patch] peakmeter
From: Andreas Zwirtes (
Date: 2002-10-07


Thank you very much! I already saw the thing with the space saver
alignment, but did
not think about c++ comments. In fact, I thought // is also known by ANSI C.

Variable names: It makes sense to give them a prefix to see where they
come from.
I didn't think about it, because i mostly write OO code and components.
We never
use global variables. That's different when programming a controller, I

It's a bit hard to switch coding conventions between company <-->
rockbox, but
that's life. Over all, writing for rockbox is much more fun!

Question: I think it is very usefull to give the variables type
information like
iStatus (that now would be istatus). i stands for integer, l for long
and so on.
Is there also a silent convention on that?

To your question, Phil: principally it's straigt forward (or should I
say reverse? ;) to make
an invers function. I'll think about it, when dB code V2 without div is
out. Don't
want to do it twice...

Andreas aka radhard

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