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Subject: Re: new thread about remote control with display
From: Andreas Zwirtes (
Date: 2002-10-09

Hmm, this tends to become a relgious discussion between Anderw and me ;)
To langhaarrocker: Glad to hear that u made use of the code. Think it
should work fine for the moment.

I see some things that we have in common:
* Use low power parts to increase battery life
* Make it an easy (cheap) solution an leave out power switching by using
appropriate controller
* It is possible to wake a controller from deep sleep via pin change
(comm or button)
* Use standard serial communication, since it is well known and reliable
* Use a higher Baud rate than 1200 ;)
* It is not possible to send a key AND display message at the same time,
so better somebody be master

Ok. Now I'll be a total ass*** and describe some features of a protol that
I already have implemented and proven that it works. Maybe you want to
know details, maybe not. The only bad thing about this is my copyright.

* One line
* No special hardware
* Bidirectional
* Has total sleep mode with no comm
* Client Server solution
* Very easy to implement server part
* Medium challenge to implement client part
* Both sides can start to send whenever they want
* Does not use polling
* Block driven -> easy to split in ISO layers
* Function driven -> no confusion, whatever one of the participants wants.

Sounds good?


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