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Subject: AW: new thread about remote control with display
From: Meyer, Stefan (empolis GT) (
Date: 2002-10-09

> At the moment it's only a dream, but I think it should be possible.
> If we have a the possibilty to build a LCD remote, we have all the
> features we need on the rockbox side: remote control of the jukebox
> and the possibilty to get data out (track title etc.)
> I did a little bit of research in the internet so far concerning the
> Sony protocol and I think it should be possible to find out enough
> to build a interface with a µ-controller. The interface has to
> translate the sony commands to rockbox commands and the rockbox
> output to sony-like data. This way, the jukebox pretends to be a
> sony cd changer.
> First step on this big adventure is to get the bidirectional
> communication with the jukebox working, then I have to collect lots
> of info about the sony protocol. I'll surely try it, if I find the
> time, but it's a long way..
> Andreas Stemmer

That sounds very good. If you can get some informations about the changer
interface of sony, I could make an interface board with µ-controller, like
PIC or Motorola 6808. I did some programming with both in assembler.

Can you send me some documentation ?


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