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Subject: discussion of: Feature suggestion: Radio-like master playlist of playlists.
From: Martin Borus (
Date: 2002-10-11

Am 11 Oct 2002 um 16:14 hat Vincent Kargatis geschrieben:

> > Not having to connect to a PC is the flexibility I'm looking for.
> > That's a big flexibility in most my listening environments where
> > there is either no PC available or not accessable.
> But you *do* have to, at some point, connect to a PC, correct? So
> when you are not near one, you have the pre-shuffled list, and you
> play it. In what way is that different from shuffling your master
> playlist dynamically?

It's the same for the first shuffle. If I now play some other songs
on the jukebox and then want a shuffled list again I would need
a re-shuffle - with a pre-loaded list I only get the same order
again. Alternativly I'd need a pre-shuffled list for each time I want
to use it.

> I'm not trying to harp on your idea,

Thanks :)

>just trying to understand the requirement of rockbox doing it.

Hope I explained that...

> Back to the script, I see from your initial description that you
> prefer to "frontload" the eclecticism of the list - i.e., with 2
> genres (for simplification): A - 2 songs B - 10 songs
> You want to see BABABBBBBBBB, instead of BBBABBBABBBB? Meaning, use a
> genre equally until it's gone, then ignore it, rather than spread all
> genres equally across the entire playlist.

See below example, I want the songs from the short list to be
repeated more frequently...

Here's how I expect the shuffle to work:

As a shorter example with a master list of:

A - B - B

When list A contains 3 songs (named A1 - A2) and list B 10 songs a
shuffle result might be:

A2 - B1 - B5
A1 - B2 - B7
A3 - B3 - B8
(here list A restarts)
A1 - B4 - B6
A2 - B9 - B10
A3 - (list B restarts) ...

The next time I start this I would get a totally different result,
still in the A - B - B format.

> I will ... share it [my script] with you, if you like.

Thank you for the offer. On the PC side I can programm a pre-shuffle
program that does exactly what I need with some added feutures - I
might do that over the winter and pass that on for free. That thing
would then not only shuffle playlists, but also directories...


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