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Subject: Re[2]: Battery usage indications?
From: Uwe Freese (
Date: 2002-10-16

Hello Bradley,

Bradley Alexander wrote on Wednesday, October 16, 2002, 8:07:45 PM:

BA> I am 98% sure it was off. I also had another alarming drainage rate
BA> story. Last Sunday, I had the unit, which I thought should be almost
BA> charged (I hadn't charged it since the day before, but I only had about
BA> 2 hours of play time on that charge.) I had it in the car, and after a
BA> lockup (the car was sitting still in a parking lot), I checked the
BA> battery level, and was mildly surprised that it was at 36%. I ran some

Please look at the battery voltage in the debug menu, turn the unit off
for some hours and look again at the voltage. Does the voltage go down?
It shouldn't. Maybe your unit is broken?

If the battery voltage goes down while the unit is off, either the
batteries or the unit must be broken, it cannot be Rockbox's fault.

Bye, Uwe.

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