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Subject: RE: Bug # 622799
From: Elliott, Tim (
Date: 2002-10-22

>I did reformat it a couple of months ago when I bought it (aug-sep
>timeframe), because with nothing on it, there was about 1GB free. I'll run
>scandisk on it and see if it finds something, then reformat. Just out of
>curiosity, is there something better than fdisk/format under windows to do

Symantec has a small utility called Gdisk. It comes with Symantec Ghost. It
formats very quickly, but I am not sure if it will run under
windows(probably not). It is not free either, but I have had good luck with
it. It lets you fdisk and format at the same time. Partition Magic may be
another way to go, and I think there are some free utilities that mimic
partition magic. I found this
the other day when I was looking for something else. I have not tried it yet
If you have the time, I would just stick to fdisk and format though. I
wouldn't take a chance on running some software that I have not tested to do
something as important as setting the foundation for my files.
Just my opinion.

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