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Subject: cuefile bugs
From: spam (
Date: 2002-10-25

I'm building Daily 2002-10-24 with cuefile patches, and it looks like
the screen drawing routines are not making it past linking (this is the
same for the 1.4 stable src):

/home/sh1/rockbox-daily-20021024/build/wps-display.o: In function `wps_refresh':
/home/sh1/rockbox-daily-20021024/build/wps-display.o(.text+0x99c): undefined reference to `lcd_framebuffer'
/home/sh1/rockbox-daily-20021024/build/wps-display.o(.text+0xc7c): undefined reference to `lcd_framebuffer'

I can cut the wps_refresh parts from the patch and it will build just
fine with the cuefile support. Can somebody take a look at the apps_cuefile.
diff wps_display.c patch and see where the missing definition is? I am not
a programmer whatsoever, otherwise I'd take a stab at it.

Also, the SH1 compiler for FreeBSD was a pain in the a** to work. The
standard stuff I have to do is get rid of the +$ variable in tools/Makefile
and use the real .c files, and then I had to steal make from linux (renamed
it lmake) and insert a new MAKE=lmake env variable in the build/Makefile.

Oh well. Like I said, I know nothing about programming. I'm a network
engineer :) --rob

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