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Subject: NEW UI Idea for RockBox.
From: Tom Alphin (
Date: 2002-10-30

I have created a doc outlining a new way of organizing the rockbox User

It provides the same capabilities of the existing UI, but in what I feel is
a more consistent and scalable way.

To answer some questions that will no doubt arise...


Q) what about future stuff like a recording feature A) 2 things.

Ideally; we would make F1-F3 user selectable. In my document I map: F1=player view, F2=playlist view, F3=explorer view.

(If we were to use f2 for a recording view, this would also change the f2 overlay menus to show recording preferences instead of playlist ones.)

Don't forget, all views will still be available in the updated main menu.

--- Q) How would I do something basic like change shuffle settings while in the player view.

A) Because of support for both the hold and tap menu or the doubletap menu, there are two ways to do this.

(in this sample I am mapping the shuffle setting toggle to the left navigation key)

The faster solution (which requires both hands or nimble fingers): Press and hold f1, tap the left key, release f1.

The solution when it's buried in your backpack... Doubleclick F1, tap left, tap either: f1 or back (off).

you can use either because the back button closes the overlay, returning them to the view they were in, and the f1 key simply takes them to the player view (where they just so happen to be; they could just as easily go to the playlist instead by pressing f2.)



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