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Subject: Re: Feature Request... One-time battery charging
From: Christian Kündig (
Date: 2002-11-07

i guess he wants to empty the battery before charging, so he can

>>keep the batteries "healthy"<<


Martin Borus wrote:

> schrieb am 07.11.02 21:39:20:
>>Here's an idea. I use my archos a lot as a USB drive (so I can listen
>>through my computer at work, and control it through my keyboard), so I
>>leave the deep discharge option on to keep the batteries "healthy". But
>>I've run into situations where I want to force a charge so I know I have
>>full batteries. Instead of turning of the deep discharge, rebooting,
>>and plugging in the charger, there should be a menu option to initiate a
>>charge cycle.
>>what do you think?
>Why don't you boot down the device, connect the charger and plug it in?
>The Archos firmware will take over and charge the battery not caring of
>any RockBox settings, right?
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