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Subject: RE: Disk error handling

RE: Disk error handling

From: Stuart Tedford <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:16:21 -0000

This also happens with my 40G Toshi in my ajr20 v1.26 after I upgraded from
the stock fujitsu. I have posted this problem before, but we seem like the
only ones that have it - I'm kind of glad its not just me.

I also found that my lap was the only workaround for this problem :-)

It also happens with the stock firmware - allthough I haven't used that for

I think maybe the physical attibutes of the vibrations are important.
However, I wouldn't rule out some sort of damage occured when we upgraded -
if we really are the only ones. I can shake it, tap it against stuff,
anything really - and it works fine - as soon as I put it in my car (on the
seat with me (I have no passenger seat)) and drive, it happens basically
every time. I have to put it on my nicely padded lap to use it in the car.
In fairness, the stock fujitsu drive did it too - to a lesser degree, but
only when I had it on the centre console, on the seat it was fine.

My old fujitsu has been sold now, but it would have been interesting to put
it back in and test it again, just to rule out any damage. Maybe you are
still in a position to do that?


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> From: Brian King []
> Sent: 11 November 2002 02:08
> To:
> Subject: Disk error handling
> I recently took my archos on a roadtrip - something I haven't
> done since
> upgrading my hard drive to a 40G Toshiba - and found that the Toshiba
> tends to be much less resiliant to shock than the stock
> drive. I started
> the trip using firmware from shortly after 1.4 and started having
> problems. It would play for about 30-60 seconds, and then the audio
> would cut out. After playing around with it I figured out
> that it would
> do this when it went to spin up the drive and read more data.
> The player
> seemed to be happy, the display looked like the song was
> playing, but no
> sound. Thanks to ROLO, I was able to try several different firmware
> loads. I tried going back to 1.3 and the behavior I saw was
> that instead
> of dropping the audio, it skipped to the next song - which is what I
> would expect from 1.3 when a disk error was hit. I then tried
> code that
> was built from 11/04 and I had improved behavior. Now when
> encountering
> an error, retries were made and things played a bit more
> smoothly. I got
> several skips, but it played much longer than the ~1.4 build until it
> finally ran into the same problem - audio got cut off. So here are my
> questions:
> 1. What state is the disk ERP code in? Are there improvements
> that could
> still be made?
> 2. Would it be possible to have a higher high-watermark when
> the charger
> is plugged in? I was thinking this might decrease the skips.
> 3. Should my Toshiba drive be doing this? Are there 40G disk
> drives that
> people have used that behave better than this under shock?
> BTW, I finally just put the archos in my lap for the remainder of the
> trip and it worked flawlessly.
> Thanks,
> Brian
> --
> Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints...
Received on 2002-11-11

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