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Subject: question
From: Henri DAVID (
Date: 2002-11-12

Hi !

I have some questions/ideas :

what is the use for the recording settings menu, as this can be done within
the recording screen. we would save some space by removing this entry from
the menu i think.

disk space : Windows 2000 Tells me there is 800MB free while Rockbox tells
me there is 0.3Gb free. what could be the reason for such a difference ?

I was thinking about light version of rockbox. removing everything that is
not sound related (games, demos) in order to get a smaller binary file and
and smaller memory signature. this would increase play time and save
batteries as memory available for buffer would be larger.What do think of
this ?

What about selecting a sampling frequency while using Digital input ? i
think the spdif signal drives archos clock in this case, i am right ? is
there some kind of resampling here ? or is rockbox overriding the set
frequency and uses the spdif cloack frequency instead ?



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