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Subject: Re: question
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2002-11-12

Henri DAVID wrote:
> Hi !
> I have some questions/ideas :
> what is the use for the recording settings menu, as this can be done within
> the recording screen. we would save some space by removing this entry from
> the menu i think.

They are there for people to test and get a feeling for it, just as you
have done. Now I have your opinion, waiting for others...

> I was thinking about light version of rockbox. removing everything that is
> not sound related (games, demos) in order to get a smaller binary file and
> and smaller memory signature. this would increase play time and save
> batteries as memory available for buffer would be larger.What do think of
> this ?

We are working on loadable modules. But don't expect any miracles. You
will probably not notice any battery life difference at all if we
remove, let's say, 100K of the binary image.

> What about selecting a sampling frequency while using Digital input ? i
> think the spdif signal drives archos clock in this case, i am right ?

Yes you are correct.

> is there some kind of resampling here ? or is rockbox overriding the set
> frequency and uses the spdif cloack frequency instead ?

No resampling. Rockbox uses the S/PDIF clock. I don't think the MAS can
resample even if we wanted to...


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