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Subject: RE: Recording woes (in detail)
From: Henri DAVID (
Date: 2002-11-14

> Just a suggestion :
> Does the FAT32 code in rockbox update the FAT entries in each FAT
> in a FAT32
> partition ? Windows may be very sensitive about the integrity of FATs. If
> the FAT32 partition has the FAT mirroring flag on, you must update as many
> FAT entries as there are FATs in a FAT32 partition when
> creating/truncating
> a file. Or do you force the FAT mirroring flag to be off (surely the best
> solution for embedded application since you would only need to update the
> current FAT instead of all) ?

on the other side, embedded means "running on batteries", not really safe,
and so one.
Right ?

it would be then i good idea to use fat mirroring in order to by on a safe
side. what do you think ?


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