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Subject: Re: Newbie questions

Re: Newbie questions

From: Chris Houghten <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:45:31 -0500

> 1) should I start right off with Rockbox or get familiar with the Archos
> software first?

I would go with the RockBox right away. The menus and options are quite
different. The current release version does not support recording, but it is
well on it's way from what I have been reading in the group here.

> 2) I have ripped all my CD's to MP3 on my computer using MusicMatch and
> plan to copy the files to the AJR20. (Is that the proper way to get my
> CD's onto the AJR20?) When I do this(which I'm fuzzy on exactly how to do
> it but assume once I jump into it that it will become clear), will all the
> album info be available on the AJR20 or do I have to enter it (Seems
> awful if the latter is the case)? I've got some CD's that I'll have to
> enter the info for manually and I don't want to do it twice.

Yes that is the proper way to get your cds on the archos. To copy them, you
will just connect it to the pc and the archos should just show up as another
drive letter. then you just drag and drop the mp3 files onto the Archos
I don't know if MusicMatch filled the info from cddb or some other music
info site when it ripped them(I installed it and didnt like it too much, but
that's just me). I use AudioCatalyst which does put the info in them, but
it's not free. There are also many free MP3 utilities on the web that will
do this.

> 3) Some things I've read have made me nervous. I'm afraid I'll 'do it
> wrong' and somehow break the unit! Many of the negative comments I read
> seemed to indicate I could 'ruin everything' if I didn't do everything
> 'just so'. This has made me cautious and I'm waiting for a time when I can
> devote an afternoon (at least) to the steep part of the learning curve.
> Are my fears justified? One of your FAQ questions indicates you haven't
> been able to harm your units with the software you're writing but are
> there other ways to harm my AJR20?

Dropping it from the roof... spilling soda into it.. normal things that
would harm any portable music device.
From what I have heard, disconnecting the Archos from the pc before using
the usb icon to programatically disconnect it causes some problems and
running out of power while doing file transfers can be messy, so use the
adapter while it is connected to the pc and always tell windows to
disconnect it before unplugging the usb cable, and I think you should be
okay. I've never had any problems with mine.

> 4) This question is probably beyond the scope of this list but I'll ask
> anyway... when I record a cassette do I have to record each track
> separately or can I break it into tracks after it is recorded? I guess I
> envision something like the following:
> - use the AJR20 to do the recording of one side of a cassette (or
> LP?)
> - put the big file onto the PC
> - use <something> to break it into tracks
> - ID the tracks (by hand I presume)
> - copy them back onto the AJR20
> Does this make sense? Do you folks suggest what the <something> might be
> that I can use to separate the tracks? (something like 'Cool Edit'?)

Like I said before there are many mp3 utilities out there. BUT. If you have
the cassettes, then you already have paid for the music And I would go use a
utility like kazaa lite( to download the music. They will
have been made from cds so the quality will be better. Otherwise, you will
have to break them up and fill in their info manually.

Good luck,
Received on 2002-11-14

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