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Subject: Re: Newbie questions

Re: Newbie questions

From: Paul van der Heu <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 19:55:40 +0100

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:17:31 -0500 (EST), Cynthia Sellers wrote:


Welcome to the club ;)

>1) should I start right off with Rockbox or get familiar with the
>Archos software first?

For anything but recording use RockBox..

>2) I have ripped all my CD's to MP3 on my computer using MusicMatch

If you are happy with MusicMatch stay with it.. get the latest update
form their website though.

>and plan to copy the files to the AJR20. (Is that the proper way to
>get my CD's onto the AJR20?)
> When I do this(which I'm fuzzy on exactly how to do
>it but assume once I jump into it that it will become clear), will

When you connct the archos and your PC using the supplied USB cable
it will be obvious as the PC will see the archos as a regular HD just
copy the files to it using a directory structure you prefer..

>all the album info be available on the AJR20 or do I have to enter
>it (Seems awful if the latter is the case)? I've got some CD's that
>I'll have to enter the info for manually and I don't want to do it

Well.. use the cddb database available on the net. AFAIK MusicMatch
will allow you to fetch the trackinfo from the net if it is available
while you rip the CD. and will add it to the MP3 file.

>3) Some things I've read have made me nervous. I'm afraid I'll 'do
>it wrong' and somehow break the unit! Many of the negative comments
>I read seemed to indicate I could 'ruin everything' if I didn't do

Breaking the unit is a somewhat strong term I feel.. you might trash
you Harddisk but that is something a reformat will handle quite
nicely.. Just do not drop or bump the unit while it is playing..

>4) This question is probably beyond the scope of this list but I'll
>ask anyway... when I record a cassette do I have to record each
>track separately or can I break it into tracks after it is recorded?
>I guess I envision something like the following:

I would suggest you use your PC to record the cassettes, so you can
clean it up a bit (get rid off hiss/cracks etc..) and cut it up into
the parts you like.. then encode the .wav files into mp3 ID them and
transfer the mp3 files to the Archos.

The main advantage of using the AJR20 to record is that in order to
clean up your recording you would have to go from mp3 to wav and back
which in not a good thing..
Received on 2002-11-14

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