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Subject: Re: Show custom information in WPS
From: Michael Forster (
Date: 2002-11-14


Justin wrote:
> I also have a lot of ballroom dance music. The low-tech method I chose
> was to prefix the name with an indicator of the dance (eg S - samba, T -
> tango, VW - viennese, J - jive, etc), and I suffix the mpm at the end,
> though it probably makes more sense to stick it at front (eg have "T32 -
> Name Of Song" indicate a 32mpm tango).

Hm. I also thought about that. Maybe I should just stick with this.

[BTW: Is mpm the unit abbreviation used in english? What does it stand for?]

> I haven't put on a recent rockbox ver, so don't have pitch yet - I had
> caught a hint that such a feature might be somewhere in newer rockboxes,
> and was really hoping it was a decent feature suitable for
> ballroom/practise.

It definitely is. I use it all the time. Dance practising was the main
reason for me to buy the archos, because we practise in many different
rooms and I always wanted to have all my dance music (and that of my
dance club :-) with me.

The pitch function works equally well as the pitch function of our CD
players. You can adjust the speed from 50% to 200% (of course much more
than you will ever need). Just keep "on" pressed and adjust the speed
with "up" and "down". I am using Rockbox 1.4. Of course the frequency of
the music changes as you change the speed, but this is not different to
our CD players.


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