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Subject: Re: More recording feedback
From: Martin Borus (
Date: 2002-11-16

Am 16 Nov 2002 um 13:49 hat Linus Nielsen Feltzing geschrieben:

> On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 11:49:22 +0100, Martin Borus wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > - While recording from the digital input with a 48kHz signal the
> > peak meter is almost completely deactivated: When I start the
> > recording the peak levels go up once for a split second (probably
> > the beginning) and then fall down permanently. Only this first 2-3
> > pixels of the left peak bar then show some movement.
> And how does the original Archos firmware behave when recording
> Digital signals? I can imagine that the peak meters don't move in the
> Archos firmware either.

The do. I'm currently uploading some quicktime videos to show you the
differences. Both time it's a digital recording. The sound you hear
in the background is the digital out of the Archos fed thru my MD

See "" - for the Archos - for Rockbox. (I didn't press play to start the recording
until after the clip - the peak meter does not change when I start it

> > - When I stop recording and play back a file I got some strange
> > results. The playback was stuttering several times per second. After
> > turning off the unit completely the recorded file played OK.
> Hmm, does it happen every time you do the same thing?

Yep, at least after each longer recording. See ""

Here I stop a two hour recording and play it back right away.
Stutters three times (at :20) and then starts... afterwards I try to
confuse the machine by forwarding which had caused trouble the last
time... [sorry, this clip is so dark you'll have to turn up the
brightness on your screen]

> > - I know it's only demo code, but I'd still love to get text
> > feedback on the recording screen (like running time or number
> > written blocks - anything that shows that the unit is still alive
> > and gives me an estimation on how long the recording gets)
> I will do that when I find the time.

Here's another short suggestion. Unlike the Archos firmware you do
not turn off the input when I stop a recording. This is really useful
- because I can still hear the source and already get ready for the
next recording.

Can we have a similar thing for the recording source selection menu
as well? I would welcome if you put the selected source on the
headphones while you're in that menu as well.

> > While I'm writing this I'm doing long time recording tests - let's
> > see if the code works for 3 hours in a row... I'll post the results
> > soon.
> Great. It's really appreciated that you do these tests for us.

You can be shure to hear more from me... I bought the Archos because
it could record and I'm fed up with it crashing half of my overnight

BTW, the fist two 1/2 hour recording seemed OK - couldn't record
longer as the batteries were almost empty. I edited it in with
mp3directcut and there was only one very small drop out (which might
have come from the satellite source) - apart from that everything
seemed OK.

How is the behaviour for low batteries at the moment? Do I have to
watch them closely or will the unit turn of soon enough?

The next long recording is running, if anything worth mentioning
happens, I'll post that.


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