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Subject: Re: wps additions
From: Vincent Kargatis (
Date: 2002-11-17

From: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 8:23 PM
> 2. Like the %d1, %d2.. commands, maybe one that goes like this:
> \genre\artist\album\track.mp3
> maybe %b1 being genre, %b2 being artist....

Umm, how is this different? In your example, %d3 is genre, %d2 is
artist, etc. I in fact use those vars for genre specifications at the
moment - the 4th line of my wps is the rather complicated:

%?iy<%iy >%?ig<%ig|%?d5<%d5:%d4|%?d3<%?d4<%d4:>%d3|%d2>>>

%iy and %ig being potential future tags, and default 'd' variables being
situation-dependent genres, handling various (complicated :) cases like:

\Electronica\Drum & Bass\Amon Tobin\Bricolage\Amon Tobin - Easy
[shows Electronica:Drum & Bass]

\Indie Rock\Dismemberment Plan\Emergency & I\The Dismemberment Plan -
You Are Invited.mp3
[shows Indie Rock]

\Jazz\Bop & Mainstream\Miles Davis\The Quintet 1965-68\Nefertiti\Miles
Davis - Pinocchio.mp3
[shows Jazz:Bop & Mainstream]

\Rock\Various Artists\Lamb of God - Black Label.mp3
[shows Rock]

I don't see what different purpose your 'b' tags would serve.

Vincent Kargatis
np: The Sugarcubes - "Deus"  (Life's Too Good)

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