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Subject: Holding the on button down?
From: q r (
Date: 2002-11-19


I have put many books in text form onto my archos. While reading them in the .txt viewer, I find that often it pages down twice on me. This is due to not hitting the 'on' + down buttons just right. I find that if I just hold the 'on' button down continually and tap the down button when I want to page down I don't have the same problem.

Would it be harmful to keep the on button pressed for extended lengths of time?

btw-I just added a feature request to reverse the way the keys work in the text viewer. Page up, down, left, right with the just the arrows - and scroll one line at a time with the 'on' and the arrows combined. I dont scroll one line at a time very often.

Anyone like this Idea?

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