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Subject: Re: building 1.4
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2002-11-27

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, roxw wrote:

> 2 - When I run make in the app directory I get: make: *** No rule to make
> target `lang/.lang', needed by `build.lang'. Stop.

You need perl installed to build Rockbox (I don't know if the instructions
say so, but they should).

> 3 - I then tried following
> but as soon as I run
> make in the tools directory I get:
> cc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
> process_begin: CreateProcess((null), cc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o
> scramble, ...)
> failed.
> make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
> make: *** [scramble] Error 2

I guess your (host) compiler isn't named 'cc' ?

> 6 - I go to apps/build and run tools/configure.

I wasn't even aware you could do that without running a unix or cygwin.

Daniel "Bagder" Stenberg --

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