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Subject: Introduction
From: zOOm (
Date: 2002-11-28

Hello I'm new in this mailing list,
I m a french student in computer sciences,
I don t pretend to be a master in C but I know what it is and can understand
the code written for the archos....

of course i don t ppretend to understand all things....

here is the reason of my mail:
I m interested in developing a modul in order to display a bmp or jpeg
picture on the archos !

As I could see on the website it is an open feature request without
      622395 None 5 nobody Show BMP or JPG 2002-10-12 20:57

the question I have is the following, do u think it is possible to "emulate"
more than 2 colors by using blinking effects ? Can we wish obtain a 256
palet colors ?

The other question I have is, when we uncompress a jpeg picture, are we
limited in memory by the ram of the archos or does it use also a swap memory
? In this case we can use matrix of 1024*768 for example and then convert it
for the size of the recorder screen.


PS: i ve recently acquire a black archos with the official firmware 1.28;
how strange it is, I can't download it from, does anybody has
answers ?

Somewhere in France

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