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Subject: Re: Bleeding Edge Disk poweroff crash with Hitachi_DK23CA_20
From: Sami Saastamoinen (
Date: 2002-12-03

> > and i'm not sure if it starts next time.
> Please try it.
> If the disk spins down before you disable poweroff, you need to reboot
>to have a proper poweroff-less session. This is, of course, because the
>poweroff kicks in when the disk spins down.

I tried and
1) It didn't start, because it freezed after stopping to "Resume?
yes=play" text. I tried both options but no success.

2) then I started older rockbox, and booted the newer one with Rolo.
No success, the device freezes when I try to open some folder containing
either mp3 or playlist.

3) I changed Resume Off and booted with newer rockbox (labeled yesterday,
but downloaded about one hour ago). Then it's OK and working.

4) I booted again to make sure it still works. Yes, working.

5) Stopped the playback and tried to start another playlist without
booting. Freezes again, text "Loading..." shows on the screen.

my device is Recorder 20.


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