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Subject: RE: petition against DMCA
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2002-12-04

All this begs the question...

What is the point of an online petition if people can sign as many times as
they like with made-up names/addresses?

I say the point is to collect fully working, categorised email adresses from
people who aren't so aware of the depths of commercialism on the internet.
ie. the majority.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Justin []
> Sent: 03 December 2002 19:43
> To: Rockbox
> Subject: Re: petition against DMCA
> >Okay, you're a cynic. :)
> >But don't you keep a few "throwaway" hotmail addresses for
> such purposes?
> Even better -
> It's so simple, quick and effective I can't even explain it
> succinctly.
> It allows you to create as many email addresses as you want,
> by varying
> part of the address, and in each on you put a number which means "once
> this many replies have been received, this email will self-destruct".
> Eg means that after 5 emails are sent to
> that address (which are auto-forwarded to yours), the address will be
> destroyed. The dmca part allows you to know that the spam was sent to
> the address supplied to the dmca petition, rather than to another
> spamgroumet address. You don't need to set up the address either - it
> will accept mail to any *.*.myname_at_spamgourmet, using the
> first * as an
> identifier to count down from the second * with.

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