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Subject: Re: Eveready 1850 NiMh
From: Chris Holt (
Date: 2002-12-05

----- Original Message -----
From: "Simon, Wesley" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 9:25 AM
Subject: RE: Eveready 1850 NiMh

> Yesterday afternoon I ordered 12 Sanyo 1850 mAh NiMh batteries for $34.95
> and a charger for $24.95 (Power Charger II, AC and 12 V car adapter
> included). With shipping (US), it totaled $65.40. I picked them up from
> It seems that $20-$25 is the going rate for a decent
> charger, but I've seen them listed for $40 or more.
> Does the built-in Archos Jukebox charger work fine with these batteries?

Works great with them. I've gotten between 12 and 13 hr. runtime and they
aren't even broken in yet!

> was also wondering about you guys that are changing them out. I bought
> JB 5000 at Best Buy. The only way to take out the batteries is to take
> unit apart (and void the warranty). Are the other units the same way?

You don't have to unscrew anything. Use a small screwdriver or similar item
and push outward at the notch, just far enough for the top edge of the
battery cover to clear the body. Then slide the cover straight up. There
should be an illustration in your manual indicating the location of the
"battery cover holes" (notches).


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