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Subject: Re: WPS
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2002-12-06

James Ockwell wrote:
> Loved the new battery info in the wps screen, however, my if/else string
> does not now work !!

Could you describe this in a little more detail, please?

> Also, if I try to skip back two or more songs the unit gives me the
> permanent red lights.

We're working on some modified disk code at the moment. Stay tuned for updates.

> Please could you explain the best settings etc for the anti-skip buffer,
> what to expect etc

Anti-skip is for when you expect you will be shaking the unit vigorously, or otherwise induce read errors that make disk reading take extra time. The setting is how many seconds earlier than normal the disk should spin up and start reading.

For normal use, anti-skip 0 is fine (once we fix the current bugs, of course).

Higher anti-skip values will use slightly more power, since it spins up the disk more frequently.


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